Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Light + Building

Just back from an entreprenurial visit to the biggest lighting exhibition in the world!
Light+ Building in Frankfurt - over 2000 exhibitors - anything connected with lighting, LED's, spotlights, architecural constructions, domestic lamps, modern, classical, fittings, energy saving, controllers etc etc.
It took nearly seven hours to walk around the exhbition without actually stopping to look at anything in depth.
It was THE place to see where the future of lighting is heading - LED's everywhere, exhibiting strange and wonderful effects - pulsing, phasing and flowing colours, blinding in their new intensities, animating with cellular imagery..

Something for the new Informatics building? An LED curtain? Some LED wall tiles? Building as information display?

Walls, tubes and curtains of LED Lights: ElementLabs and G-Lec
Huge USA company: anything LED on any scale: ColorKinetics
Experimental walls, tiles and creative effects: Traxon (tunnel above)
Magic Monkey (webcam on cooling tower!)


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