Monday, December 05, 2005

In the beginning...

I arrived in Edinburgh Informatics in November 2005, the first RAiR - "Research Artist in Residence".

AIR: Arts Informatics
Research looking to the new building in 2007 ... not pictures, nor sculptures, but experimental possibilites - robotics, kinetics - a view to Cybernetic Serendipity perhaps.. In-house narrowcasting channels, screens, projections, the building that dreams, fertilising connections, the outside in, community, research, the public and the private. Knowledge, revelations, interventions and interactions.

There are many possibilites, desires and agendas, constraints, restraints and opportunities. Visions of the future - a new building for informatics with added value art research, art objects, art events, artistic discourse...

First there is immersion, catalysing the discourse - visits to the institutions of strange acronyms..
Second the distillation and then the crystallisation...

What Art?
Why Art? Why not visualisation, communication and representation?
Who is it for?
Who decides?

A dialectic - to challenge, provoke, inform, stimulate, entertain, relax, inspire, contemplate..

Hence this blog - a place to start the discussion, a place to state my case, where I am coming from and hope to go. A place for others to join in - perhaps this should be mediated by a wiki a cms, someplace that can be shaped and formed, somewhere softer than a blog.

Its a start, a beginning.

See Informatics News - for information on the new building and informatic events...


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