Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New UK Art

Its all out there somewhere.. new art buildings, new art projects, experimental inter/transdisciplinary projects...

Last week I met up with Stella Couloutbanis, the curator of the Nottingham Bonnington Gallery, part of Trent University - a similar venture to the proposed Inspace of Informatics...
They are now part of an ambitious multimillion contemporary arts project:
CCAN Centre for Contemporary Art Nottingham

£13M of funding, due to open in 2008
"At an overall size of more than 3000 square metres and offering 1300 square metres of gallery space on one floor alone, CCAN will be one of the largest contemporary art galleries in England in terms of exhibition space"

And there is the ongoing "The Public" - another extremely ambitious project in the West Midlands, due to open this year:

"Working with interactive designers, Digit and AllofUs, and interior design team, Ben Kelly Design, we are creating a networked series of galleries in the new building. The Gallery is a platform for the exploration of the nature and future of collaborative and participatory arts practice, delivered in a highly visitor focussed format."

These are major projects, I would hope that InSpace and the new Informatics Building will incorporate on a smaller scale, but with the same fire, similar ambitions, dreams and ideas...

Finally, a major project and archive in Sunderland "Call for Artists"

"...over £8 million will be levered in from the private sector to be spent on art. Uniquely this commissioning fund is in a single pot, the Cultural Masterplan, which means it can be spent across the entire city in order to realise and contribute to the cultural regeneration of Sunderland."

(more as and when discovered...)


Blogger RichardB said...

Sad News: The Public has had some severe financial problems, its opening has been postponed and it seems that its use is to be re-evaluated.

Observer news item

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Blogger O said...

If you know any struggling UK artists, tell them about this: http://www.oppenheimdownestrust.org/

It's a little known charity that provides small grants for any type of artists.

5:31 PM  

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