Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pask Present

The Maverick Machines exhibition resulted in the development of Pask Present, a new Pask inspired exhibition held in Vienna (25thMarch-4thApril) co-curated with Ranulph Glanville and Stephen Gage from the Bartlett.

Ranulph was instrumental in making the exhibition happen in Vienna, finding a gallery space and arranging funding through his contacts at EMSCR.

Stephen and his students from the Bartlett designed and created the exhibition space, and in true UK style the exhibition was packed in a van and driven from London to Vienna and back again by two pioneering students .

Ruairi Glynn (famous for his Interactive Architecture website) designed the Pask Present website using the wonderful wordpress authoring system.

Albert Mueller and Ranulph produced a wonderful catalogue of the exhibition - details to follow..

I reworked many of the exhibits at Maverick Machines, including a new Electrochemical Glass System:

The exhibition was a great success and raised much interest in the work of Gordon Pask. There were many visitors, Cyberneticians from the EMSCR conference, Art and Architecture students from Vienna and a great deal of curious people who happened by the gallery - watch this space for further developments!